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Mobile Klean is a compact, cordless ultraviolet light sanitizer, which uses a flash of ultraviolet light to eliminate all bacteria and viruses, including pathogens, viruses, and other common contaminants. This precision-engineered UV pathogen killer takes just minutes to create a safe environment without any use of chemicals. The foldable design makes it convenient to place in your bag, pocket or even on your deck. 

  • Kills 99.9% of surface bacteria using ultraviolet light
  • Reduces you and your family’s chances of getting sick
  • Compact design makes it convenient for use wherever you go
  • CE, RoHS certified
  • 2 Minutes to kill 99% of bacteria
  • Tested on: H1N1 (influenza A virus); H3N2 (influenza A virus); Staphylococcus Aureus; Escherichia Coliform (e coli); Candida Albicans
  • 2 Minutes to kill 91% of EV71 (enterovirus A71)
  • Battery operated, 4 AAA battery
  • Long service life at 8000 hours
  • For home/office/kitchen use

Packaging Includes:

  • UVC sanitizer wand 
  • User manual

*batteries not included 

  1. GETTING STARTED: Determine the item to be cleaned. Mobile Klean lets you see the areas most affected by the presence of microorganisms.
  2. CLEANING THE SURFACE: Open Mobile Klean up and direct the UV-C light down toward the surface of the item. Hold it approximately 6 inches above the area in question.
  3. MAKING SURE IT’S SANITIZED: Ensure the targeted area is covered in light for about minutes, allowing the UV-C light to target the virus’s DNA, stopping it from multiplying and causing harm.
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