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InHeat Warming Mug & Wireless Charger

InHeat is a cup warmer and a wireless phone charger. It's the multi-functional gadget that will keep your favorite beverage nice and toasty hot, and it will charge your phone, too. InHeat is designed for everyday use:

  • Wireless Qi-charging with compatible phones
  • Keep your favorite beverages hot
  • Works with Android and iOS phone models
  • Tasteful design complements your decor
InHeat Warming Mug & Wireless Charger

InHeat Warming Mug & Wireless Charger

  • INHEAT is a Mug warmer and wireless charger. The warming pad will automatically identify if you placed the mug for warming or if you placed your smart device for wireless charging.
  • Keeping your drinks warm at 131°F (55°C)
  • Type-C wireless charger with 5~18W fast wireless charging for wireless charging enabled phones.
  • Light weight and easy to use.

InHeat Warming Mug & Wireless Charger

  1. Attach the power cord to the InHeat base. Connect the other end to the adapter or a USB port.
  2. If using the wall adapter, plug it into a nearby outlet.
  3. Place the InHeat mug on the center of the base for warming. Lay any Qi-enabled phone on top for charging
  4. Enjoy your hot beverage and the convenience of wireless charging
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