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Wrapslice is a compact cutting tool that gives precise, steady cut every time, and with a minimal amount of effort. The concealed blade ensures that little fingers are protected against unwanted cuts from the dangerous, exposed blades of boxcutters, razors, and scissors.


  • Dimension: 9.1 x 10.1 x 7.2 cm (+/- 5%)
  • Inner diameter: 6.6 cm (+/- 5%)
  • Weight: 65.7g (+/- 5%)
  • Roll material: ABS
  • Bi-directional cutting
  • Designed for safety since there is no exposed blade and sharp edge
  • Oversized design. Unit can accept most gift wrap roll size


To use WrapSlice, slip WrapSlice lengthwise over the gift wrap tube. Unroll your wrapping paper to the desired length, squeeze firmly to allow the blades to catch the paper, and slide WrapSlice to the other end of the gift wrap tube. It takes seconds and you will have a clean cut every time.

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