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Williston Force Desktop AC

Williston Force Desktop is the convenient desktop air cooler for long-lasting relief during the hottest days. Compact and lightweight, Williston Force AC cool yourself down in ANY room of your house with your own PERSONAL AC. The Williston Force Desktop can be used as an air cooler or regular fan, and unlike other traditional AC units, it just plugs into a standard socket or USB port.

  • Chills the air around you efficiently
  • Includes a Micro USB power cable
  • Attractive LED mood lighting
  • Simple to use
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Low noise
Williston Force Desktop AC

Williston Force Desktop AC

Powered by micro USB port

LED light ring surrounding top cover

Rapid cooling in 30 seconds

3 fan speeds

Compact and portable

Low noise

380ml water tank capacity with the level viewing window

Adjustable louver to direct air

Replaceable water curtain, can be used for 6-8 months

  • Product Dimension: 178 x 133 x 170 mm
  • Product Weight: 685g (no water)

When device is filled with water, please don’t tilt, lie down or invert to prevent water from leaking and entering circuit board. And keep the base parallel to the ground when transporting while filled with water.

When not in use for a long time, remove water curtain to be sun/air dried.

For immediate use, pre-soak/prime the water curtain with water before placing into device

Williston Force Desktop AC

  1. Add water. Simply pour it directly into the top of the unit
  2. Insert the replaceable water curtain. Each one lasts approximately 6-8 months.
  3. Turn it on. You won’t have to wait long for refreshing relief
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