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Bearbakz Trimmer is the ultimate men’s grooming tool made for your body and face hair. Get a clean shave for your entire body or trim your facial hair with ease. The cordless design glides easily and smoothly over all surfaces of your body. The Bearbakz Trimmer comes with 3 different shaped guides, a rechargeable li-on battery and ergonomic metal handle for durability and control. Whether it’s a full shave or detailing, Bearbakz Trimmer will help you achieve whatever style you want with ease.

  • Weight: 0.32kg
  • Ergonomic Metal Handle
  • Precision Engineered Blades
  • Low Noise Technology Motor
  • Rechargeable Li-On Battery
  • Up to 5 hours on full charge
  • 3 attachable guides (1mm - 2mm - 3mm)
  • Cordless Design
  1. Unplug the charging cable before using the trimmer.
  2. Select and attach the guide comb that matches your desired hair length.
  3. Push the power switch into the on position.
  4. Sweep the trimmer in short, gentle strokes through your hair.
  5. Use the guide combs to create layers of different length.
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